What Information We Collect

For All Transactions:

We collect:


  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses

When Renting

When Renting a vehicle, including being added as an authorised additional driver, Subscribing with Enterprise, or joining CarShare or Car Club, we may collect:

Driving Qualifications and Identify Verification, including:

  • Driving licence information, including photos provided by you or images for verification
  • Insurance information
  • Passport
  • Proof of residence
  • Personal references

Transaction Information, including:

  • Vehicle rental information
  • Rental and return locations
  • Dates of the rental
  • Type of rental and your vehicle preference
  • Ancillary products purchased
  • Airline and flight number
  • Photographs you submit of receipts and/or vehicle condition using the camera feature available on some of our mobile applications and websites
  • Billing information
  • Charges
  • Payments
  • Credit Card information

Loyalty and Affiliation Information, including:

  • Enterprise, Alamo or National rewards and loyalty information
  • Online user account details
  • Corporate Account ID numbers
  • Membership numbers
  • Frequent flyer or travel partner affiliations

Claims Information

  • Information related to details of accidents involving our vehicles, including that of any third parties such as involved individuals, witnesses and police reports

Health Information, including:

  • Information about relevant health conditions you have that assist us in providing you with adaptive driving devices; or related to claims involving injuries

Optional Information, including:

  • Emergency contact information
  • Any preferences or special requirements you may have
  • Personal information shared while building and maintaining a business relationship or otherwise voluntarily shared by individuals   

CCTV and other cameras

  • Where available, CCTV video recordings and/or photographs of you in public areas of our rental locations 

Sensitive information

Enterprise Holdings collects information that is defined as "sensitive personal information" under various state privacy laws.  While such laws may provide an opt-out opportunity for this information, we use and disclose this information only for purposes permitted by law that do not require an opt-out opportunity.

When Purchasing a Vehicle

In addition to the contact information, identity verification and driving qualification information listed above, when you purchase a vehicle through Enterprise Car Sales and apply for financing, we will also collect:

Financial and Personal History Information, including:

  • Income
  • Credit history
  • Employment history
  • Other personal information required to complete the credit application

Car Sale Transaction Information, including:

  • Vehicle purchased
  • Purchase price
  • Vehicle trade-in
  • Ancillary products purchased

When contacting us for Accident Management Assistance services

In addition to the contact information, driving qualification, transactional and health information listed above, when you contact us for accident management assistance purposes (which we may administer on behalf of the entity that refers your details to us, be it your insurer, manufacturer, employer, dealership, fleet management provider or breakdown provider), we will also collect:

Claims information, including:

  • Information related to details of accidents, including that of any third parties such as involved individuals, witnesses and police reports
  • Insurance details
  • Information about the incident to determine who is at fault
  • Vehicle details
  • Credit repair details
  • Details regarding your vehicle repair needs and your onward mobility needs

When using our Websites and Mobile Applications

We collect:

Browser Information, including:

  • Web logs
  • Geo-location

Internet or other activities, including:

  • Browsing or search history 
  • Information regarding your interactions with our websites, mobile applications, emails or advertisements.

Device Information, including:

  • Unique device identifiers
  • IP address
  • Operating system
  • Precise geo-location information

Location information (where enabled and with your permission) is used for the following purposes: 

  • Our websites use location information (such as postcode, city, metropolitan or geographic area) from your device to provide services, such as finding a branch or location.  

  • When using your mobile device, location information and device connections are used to provide you with notifications, offers, confirm rental status information or provide other information to enhance your experience. 

  • Where available, allowing the use of location information can enable you to locate the vehicle assigned to you or to expedite your pick-up and return by allowing access when in proximity to your assigned vehicle.  


Permissions to use your device's camera enable you to upload your photo ID and/or the vehicle's condition for expedited services (where available).   


Permissions to use your device's precise geolocation information, camera or Bluetooth connection can be turned off at any time by changing the settings in the mobile application or on your device.  Some features or service options may not be available when these items are turned off. 


Through our use of cookies and other automated data collection technologies

Unless where consent may be required by applicable law, when you visit our websites, use our mobile applications, open or click on emails we send you, or interact with our advertisements, we or third parties automatically collect certain information using technologies such as cookies, web beacons, clear GIF, pixels, internet tags, web server logs and other data collection tools. For more information, please see our  Cookie policy

When Participating in Surveys or Promotions

We collect:

  • Marketing preferences
  • Feedback on services provided

Information We Collect from Third Parties

Third parties provide us with additional information about you or your household, including:

  • Referral sources, such as third-party online booking sites (who provide us general contact information and a booking confirmation number to facilitate the rental), your employer (general contact information), credit unions, your insurance provider (general contact and policy information), vehicle sales sites (who provide us, upon your request, your contact information when you enquire about a specific vehicle for sale)
  • Where applicable, our Refer-A-Friend, or similar programmes;
  • Hotel, airline and membership clubs who provide us your general contact information and booking information;
  • Third parties who, for fraud prevention purposes, provide us with (if relevant) financial and identity-related verification and document authentication;
  • Credit and financing partners, including credit reporting agencies, who facilitate the completion of credit applications when financing a vehicle purchase or when applying for a business rental account;
  • Franchisees and fulfilment providers who provide us with information regarding your rental transactions;
  • Service providers, such as customer support (customer-service-related information and enquiries made by you), security services (footage of you from our CCTV system) and customer survey providers (your response to our customer service surveys);
  • Marketing providers who provide information to assist us to better communicate our products and services, including email acquisition services, data hygiene services, data brokers, and market research partners and platforms.
  • Social media content you have made available to the public

Our Vehicles

Connected car and telematics data

Our vehicles may be equipped with telematics devices such as pre-installed event data recorders, global positioning devices, OnStar® and other communications systems that may be connected to the Internet or cellular services. We (and at times the vehicle manufacturer and other authorised third parties) may collect information from these telematics devices and other services and technologies and use and share it as described below or as otherwise set out in this Privacy Policy. This information is associated with the vehicle only and maintained as de-identified or anonymised data and will only be linked for the purposes and in the situations described below.  Any information that is linked to you will be treated as personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.  You are responsible for informing passengers and other drivers that vehicle data is collected and used as described in this section.

You may also choose to accept or purchase optional devices that enable you to collect certain vehicle data.  Please refer to the manufacturer's terms and conditions and privacy policy. 

The use of telematics devices and other pre-installed services and technologies are subject to our rental terms and conditions and, in some cases, the vehicle manufacturer's and/or technology provider's terms and conditions and privacy policy.  For OnStar, information is available at www.onstar.com.  For other vehicle manufacturers, please visit here.  Some or all of these features may be turned on at all times, even when other services or other media in the vehicle are turned off.  If you are unsure whether your rental vehicle contains telematics devices or technologies or systems, please speak to a member of our team at the rental location.


Depending on your type of rental, we collect and use vehicle data as follows:

  • Fuel information: We use this information to facilitate recording and billing for fuel charges.
  • Odometer information: We use this information to facilitate billing for mileage charges (where applicable) and to help us manage our fleet. 
  • Vehicle diagnostic and performance information: We use such information to help us identify vehicle maintenance needs and to manage the fleet.   
  • Mobile device or app connections to help us issue certain commands to the vehicle to facilitate or expedite your rental or to facilitate your CarShare or Car Club transaction: For example, we collect information that enables us to remotely unlock or lock the vehicle doors.
  • Location information: We collect and use vehicle location information to:
    • Enable our roadside assistance providers to provide you with roadside assistance.
    • Enable emergency service providers to dispatch emergency services to you.
    • Assist us in recovering a vehicle we reasonably believe is lost, stolen or abandoned.
    • To facilitate the start and stop time for CarShare and Car Club billing purposes.  
  • Event data recorders: In certain claims situations we may use this information in connection with accident investigations and claims-related efforts. 
  • Legally Compelled Disclosure and Emergency Circumstances: We may share vehicle information, including location information, where legally compelled or in emergency circumstances.  In addition, in the United Kingdom and European Union, our vehicles are required to be equipped with eCall technology, which is activated if your vehicle is involved in an accident. eCall will automatically call and provide information regarding the accident to emergency services. We will also use, disclose and have access to this information.   

We retain vehicle information based on retention periods in accordance with our business needs and legal requirements.  We may use and store this data after the expiry of our contract with you.

Infotainment systems and vehicle manufacturer apps

If you pair a mobile device with our vehicles' navigation or infotainment systems and choose to use OnStar, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or other similar third-party software or services on the vehicle or if you choose to use any navigational features on the vehicle's infotainment systems or other device, your personal information and other data may be transferred and stored on these systems. We cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of such information. You should delete all such personal information and other data from these systems or devices before the vehicle is returned to avoid subsequent occupants of the vehicle accessing this information.

If you download a mobile app made available by a vehicle manufacturer or other third parties and register the vehicle in that app, your use of the app may result in the sharing of telematics data and other information (including location information and personal information) with the vehicle manufacturer or other third parties. Your use of these apps is strictly governed by the third-party mobile apps' terms and conditions and privacy policies. Before the vehicle is returned, you should either remove the app from your mobile device or delete the vehicle from the app.


Loyalty programmes and notice of financial incentive

You have the option of enrolling in one of our loyalty programmes. These programmes offer benefits related to your transactions with us.

There is no obligation to join one of these programmes; however, your employer may choose to use our loyalty programme to facilitate its company travel programme. If you or your company choose to enrol in one of these programmes, you may cancel your membership at any time by accessing our Global Privacy Portal on our Contact Us page. We offer you the opportunity to participate in multiple loyalty programmes, including Alamo Insiders, the Emerald Club and Enterprise Plus. Our collection of certain personal information about you, including name, address, email, phone number, driving licence information, date of birth, credit card or other payment information, company affiliation and frequent flyer programme information (where available) allows us to operate the loyalty programmes and provide participant benefits such as discounts, rental credits and vehicle benefits. You may have the option to link an Enterprise loyalty programme account with an account you have with a selected partner. When linked, Enterprise and the partner will share information as described at the time you link your accounts.


To view the benefits and terms of participation in the loyalty programmes, including a list of participating partner programmes and benefits, or to join, please visit:

Get low car rental rates with Alamo Insiders – Alamo Rent a Car

Emerald Club Benefits | National Car Rental

About Enterprise Plus | Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Partner Rewards Programme | Alamo Rent a Car

Partner Rewards | National Car Rental

 Enterprise Partner Rewards Programmes | Enterprise Rent-A-Car


The amount and nature of these benefits will be determined by the extent of your participation in the Enterprise loyalty programmes. We may adjust the terms of participation from time to time. Categories of personal information shared for targeted advertising

· Contact information

· Device information

· Geolocation (region only)

· Product preferences

· Commercial affiliation

· Professional information

· Transactional information

For categories of third parties who may receive personal information in connection with your loyalty account, please see the section above entitled "Who we share information with".

You may withdraw from the Enterprise loyalty programmes at any time, through our request form: Privacy web form (onetrust.com). Please be advised that we may continue to process information about you in connection with your transactions with Enterprise. If you choose to terminate your membership or exercise any rights to the deletion of your personal data, we may be unable to provide you with all of the benefits of the Enterprise loyalty programmes or associated partner programmes.

The price and service differences, such as discounts and credits, that are available to you through the Enterprise loyalty programmes are based upon our reasonable determination of the value that we receive from collecting and retaining personal information about you in connection with operating our business. This estimated value takes into account a variety of factors as permitted by law, including (but not limited to) our expenses incurred in collecting and processing the information, our expenses incurred in providing rewards to you and the estimated marginal revenue that we may derive from information related to a specific Enterprise loyalty programmes participant.


Children's Privacy

Our websites and online marketing are not directed to, and Enterprise Holdings does not knowingly collect personal information from, children under the age of 18 or your country's age of minority. If you nevertheless believe that your child has provided us with their personal information and you need to let us know to delete it, please contact us using the link at the top of this page.